03 November 2008

Vive La Thumb!

Artist: Matt Mawson

Bii and O had a daycare Halloween party on Friday. All the kids dressed up (Yes, I'm a lame ass mother and have no pictures...shoot me.) They played games, had a parade and ate an early dinner in preparation of canvasing the neighborhoods for free candy. Each child was given a bag of small plastic crap and candy when it was time to go.

Bii was delighted (understatement of the century) when he discovered the very cool glow in the dark Dracula teeth in his bag. He reluctantly handed them to me, dripping in spit, as we went door to door. It's tough to say Trick or Treat with plastic in your mouth.

When we got back home seemingly several hours later we wound down, brushed up and headed to bed. Bii remembered the teeth and begged me to let him have them in his bed. I caved, praying he wouldn't swallow them. He giggled with glee when he saw the green of the "Glow 'em Up" teeth. He thanked me and then rolled over, and put his thumb in his mouth.

From the darkness as I made my way to the door I heard, "Um. Mama? This is no good. These hurt my thumb".

I was hoping this might be an "IN" for the end of the thumb-sucking era but alas, he handed the slimy teeth back to me. The love affair was over.


A Buns Life said...

Too funny! It reminds me of when Jacob was a baby. He sucked his thumb until he got his two bottom teeth in....and then he quit. We figured he didn't like the feeling of his teeth on his thumb and he didn't ever figure out how to keep them from scraping his thumb so he just quit at 7 months old. This was fine with us until he started sucking and chewing on his monkey's face and hands! :) Gross!!

noble pig said...

Oh that was a good story!

Trisha said...

I remember those teeth from when I was little. They are fascinating and frustrating all at the same time! Too bad it didn't take care of the thumb sucking!

FishermansDaughter said...

SO so cute.

melissa said...

Funny! I used to love those teethe.