17 May 2010

The Rock and The Effing Hard Ass Place

I knew the situation was bad when Daddy-O called and said, "Look, I really need for you to hold it together and not cry this time. We have to make a decision".

I've been crying non-stop for over a week now.

Screwed. That's what we are. My car had a major problem that the dealer "repaired" last September, but it broke again.

Well, thank our lucky stars the parts are covered under warranty! Yep, that's roughly $7.95 of that $1030.81 bill.

The new fix is going to cost about $4K.

We've been battling with the dealer and the manufacturer all week but they keep pointing the finger back at us.

I've been driving a rental all week while we try to sort out the options (Fix? Trade? Torch? Seriously, if I wasn't such a "good girl" we would set the damn thing on fire.)

It doesn't make sense to trade it (they wouldn't give us what we owe on it anyway) and then have a new - higher - car loan on another used car.

Looks like we'll be investing in a shiny new engine for this lovely piece of shit. (Oh yay! More credit card debt!!)

I'm usually a "count your blessings" kind of gal. This one has really worn me down. But I'm not out. Yet.