27 May 2009

Playing For Change

This is one of the most moving things I have seen lately. This is the first of 8 (so far); Musicians from all over the world singing a song - together. The results are truly moving. Check it out.

Playing For Change

18 May 2009


While I was working at the computer yesterday, Finn discovered a box of photographs in the closet. He brought one to me and asked who it was. I told him and he sat there for a few moments and looked at my 17 year old face and that of my highschool friend Lexie. He put the picture back and then brought me another one. And another. And then the whole box.

He climbed up on my lap and for the next hour we went through that box of photos together.

"Is her name really Lizard, Mama?" "Why are you singing in to a hair dryer?" "That's the boy you had a crush on?" "What's a crush Mama?"

I had forgotten some of the names of the people in the box, but as we thumbed through them I started to put together some of the missing pieces. He enjoyed looking at those pictures with me as much as I loved reliving some wonderful youthful memories.

I wish I had a picture of the two of us together in that chair yesterday. That's a memory I'll never forget.

13 May 2009


I need help. I’m still pretty new to this parenting thing and I’m even newer to the sport of socializing with other parents. I just don’t know how to do it.

Finn started playing T-Ball a few weeks ago. He LOVES it. He’s a natural. And he’s making all kinds of new friends. He has no fear of walking up to someone – anyone – and starting a conversation. He’s a natural at that too!

I’m sure most kids are like this when they’re young. At some point in our lives though, we become self conscious and, for a lot of people, talking to strangers and meeting new people becomes scary. OK, at least that happened to me.

I’ve come out of my shell a bit in my old age and I’m not as scared any more to strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know. Perhaps it’s that I have kids now and I feel like I have something to talk about. I’ve never been good at small talk but when there’s a common thread like my children involved, it’s a lot easier.

Now back to T-Ball. The first day was a Skills and Drills day. Basically just a chance to get together, meet the teammates and see what this thing called T-Ball was all about. All the parents were milling about and I took the opportunity to chat with a few of them. We exchanged our stories and our names and enjoyed a little barbeque with the kids after they were done with their drills. Fun!

Fast forward to the first game Two.Days.Later. I emphasize the time frame because really? I’m that forgettable? How can someone who I just had lunch with not recognize me less than 48 HOURS LATER? When I said hello to one of the mothers she barely acknowledged me. Same with another. I was so excited to meet some new people and my bubble was thoroughly burst.

So tell me: Am I na├»ve to think that a casual conversation and a common thread could lead to a (gasp) friendship? Do people not interact with other parents at these events? I don’t know what the proper protocol is in situations like these and I’m feeling very self conscious again…

11 May 2009


We have a new nightly activity at Chez Goose: Bat Watching

Just as the sun starts to go down, the boys start getting ready for bed knowing that the bats will soon make an appearance in our back yard. They get in their jammies (OK, truth is they've probably got in them 5 seconds after they got home. These kids love to be cozy!), brush up and run out on the deck taking their place next to each other on the picnic table. It's so cute to see how excited they get waiting for them.

Here they come Mama!

06 May 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

He's definitely going to be a performer...

05 May 2009

I Heart Faces!

What a fun idea! I've been looking at these for a while, but never had a shot I liked enough to enter. Now I do. Check out IHeartFaces.com and enter yourself!
Here's my entry:

04 May 2009

Great Moments in Parenting

Hey boys, wanna play in the dirt? Here are some really sharp, dirty and dangerous garden tools! You just go play over there where Daddy-O can't see you while Mama goes to the grocery store! Now, no fighting! Have fun! I'll be back soon!

Less than 10 minutes later...Ring, ring...

Hi Daddy-O. What's up? What? OMG!!! He's bleeding?! Does he need stitches?!?!

I don't think Owen intentionally struck Finn on the top of his head with the garden rake, but then again, no one witnessed it.

So, yeah, we're great parents.

PS: He's fine and did not need to go to the hospital...

01 May 2009

Hooray Hooray

Hooray, hooray! The first of May... I can still hear her.

This is how it started. A little tribute to my mother. A blank page where I hoped to voice my grief that she was gone to hopefully pull me from the black hole that I was in. I wasn't sure if it would help, but it has. Tremendously.

I can hardly believe it but it's been one year since I started this little blogging journey. I want to extend a huge thank you to all of the people I have "met" out here. It's the strangest thing. I'm not really all that surprised by it any more; and I know all of you share the same feeling: I've made so many new friends out here. Some of you I'll never meet face to face, others I hope to meet soon. (Melissa, when are we meeting for martinis?) You have all had an impact on my life. Though I didn't know it when I started, you're the reason I'm here. You've listened to me bitch and whine; cry and celebrate. You've offered acceptance, support and advice and helped me through many a difficult moment. Thank you for your shoulders, your pats on the back and, most importantly, the kicks in the ass. It's incredibly powerful, this sisterhood. It's so nice to know I'm not on this journey alone.

Happy First of May everyone.