29 April 2009

I Scream, You Scream

We All Scream For Ice Cream!!

Damn cell phone camera! It really is a cute picture even if you can't see it very well...

28 April 2009

Be Here Now

If you don't know Ray, you should.

Be Here Now - Ray Lamontagne

Don't let your mind get weary and confused
Your will be still, don't try
Don't let your heart get heavy child
Inside you there's a strength that lies

Don't let your soul get lonely child
It's only time, it will go by
Don't look for love in faces, places
It's in you, that's where you'll find kindness

Be here now, here now
Be here now, here now

Don't lose your faith in me
And I will try not to lose faith in you
Don't put your trust in walls
'Cause walls will only crush you when they fall

Be here now, here now
Be here now, here now

27 April 2009


We had a lot of outdoor activities this weekend, the most exciting being Finn’s first exposure to being a part of a team. T-Ball practice was a hit! New friends! New skills! New fun! What more could a 5 year old want? Oh yeah, McDonald's. (Don’t judge)

Daddy-O also had big outdoor projects that involved a chainsaw so, needless to say, the boys spent a lot of time with him in the back yard. I did a lot of hauling of future firewood and admiring of my very strong husband and loud tool smitten boys.

Yesterday I had a bit of a breather from firewood duty and moved on to household chores. From the quiet of my kitchen I folded laundry and occasionally sneaked a peek at my boys and their dad reveling in all things Boy. My heart stopped at least three times as I watched the boys slip from a tree branches. I recovered quickly enough when it became evident there were no broken bones.

Nothing, though, could reel me in from near panic as I caught a glimpse of Daddy-O, hands clenched to his chest, stumbling away from the downed tree. The look on his face was pained. He started to tumble and then fell to the ground. I raced out on the deck yelling What’s wrong!?! My heart raced. My throat tightened. Where was the phone? What do I do?!!? Oh my God, NO!

Daddy-O heard my panicked cries and jumped to his feet and Finn, who witnessed the whole thing, yelled to me: It’s okay Mama. I just shot Daddy with my laser gun!

As my heart leapt back in to my throat and I broke in to uncontrollable sobs, I heard Finn say to his father Dadda, we should probably warn Mama before we play guns, huh?

My husband, who can fake die like no other, held me long and hard and promised he would.

23 April 2009

The Difference Between Men and Women

Me: I really need to give the bathrooms a good scrubbing.

Daddy-O: Why?

21 April 2009

Let's Count!

O: “One, two, fwee, eight…”

Me: “Right. Three, four…”

O: “Four…”

Me: “Fi..”

O: “Fibe, kix, kebin…”

Me: “Good! Five six, seven…Eight…”

O: “Eight, nine, ten, lemon!!”

Me: “Nice job buddy!!”

13 April 2009

Early Morning Conversation

I felt his tiny, warm body sneak under the covers next to me. He settled in the crook of my arm and pulled my hand around his waist. He purred a simple contented sigh. We lay there for a few silent moments, enjoying the sound of each other's breath.

Mama? When will it be time to get up?

In a bit sweetie. It's a family day so we can stay in bed as long as we want. (I said hoping to stay in our warm nest the whole day...)

Another minute or two of rhythmic breathing passes. Then...

Mama? Can we get up now?

But why Goose? We don't have to go to school today. We don't have anywhere we need to be.

But Mama, there's so much excitement in the world! So many places to go and things to do. Can we please get up now?

Of course Lovey. Of course we can get up.

10 April 2009

We're Off to Camp Grammy!

Happy Easter and Passover everyone!

08 April 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

Scaling the Castle Walls

The kid would live in his pajamas if I let him. Please, dear Lord, don't let him grow up to be the overweight dude in sweatpants at the mall...

05 April 2009

4 Years

White coral bells upon a slender stalk,

Lilies of the valley deck my garden walk.

Oh, don’t you wish that you could hear them ring?

That will happen only when the fairies sing.

We sang in round, my sister, my aunt and cousins together in that hospital room. Though she lay there so still, the ventilator having been removed, I'm certain she could hear us. It was as though we were singing her home; letting her know it was okay to go. And so she did.

I miss you Ma. Today and every day.

03 April 2009

It Worked!!

Well... Sorta. The Flu Bug Diet helped me lose 10% of Owen's weight! 3 lbs in a day probably isn't the most healthy weight loss plan but if it gives me a jump start I'll take it!

I'm feeling better now, but sadly my sister decided she and her family would postpone their trip. What? Driving 6+ hours with the possibility of vommiting children (or worse, HUSBAND) isn't her kind of fun? Love ya K. Can't wait to see you.

02 April 2009

When It Rains...

Owen started throwing up Saturday morning. He finally stopped on Tuesday, but then came the dreaded diarrhea. He's back at school now but he's still so, so tired. He's lost 10% of his body weight in less than a week (3 lbs.) His little bones are poking out. Poor sweet boy.

And now... I have it. If only I could loose 10% of my body weight. Hmmmm...
Praying that Finn and Daddy-O are spared and that we don't infect my sister and her family who come to visit tomorrow (YAY!!!!)

Thankfully the weather is cooperating now and I can open the windows and let the breeze carry the yuck away.