27 April 2009


We had a lot of outdoor activities this weekend, the most exciting being Finn’s first exposure to being a part of a team. T-Ball practice was a hit! New friends! New skills! New fun! What more could a 5 year old want? Oh yeah, McDonald's. (Don’t judge)

Daddy-O also had big outdoor projects that involved a chainsaw so, needless to say, the boys spent a lot of time with him in the back yard. I did a lot of hauling of future firewood and admiring of my very strong husband and loud tool smitten boys.

Yesterday I had a bit of a breather from firewood duty and moved on to household chores. From the quiet of my kitchen I folded laundry and occasionally sneaked a peek at my boys and their dad reveling in all things Boy. My heart stopped at least three times as I watched the boys slip from a tree branches. I recovered quickly enough when it became evident there were no broken bones.

Nothing, though, could reel me in from near panic as I caught a glimpse of Daddy-O, hands clenched to his chest, stumbling away from the downed tree. The look on his face was pained. He started to tumble and then fell to the ground. I raced out on the deck yelling What’s wrong!?! My heart raced. My throat tightened. Where was the phone? What do I do?!!? Oh my God, NO!

Daddy-O heard my panicked cries and jumped to his feet and Finn, who witnessed the whole thing, yelled to me: It’s okay Mama. I just shot Daddy with my laser gun!

As my heart leapt back in to my throat and I broke in to uncontrollable sobs, I heard Finn say to his father Dadda, we should probably warn Mama before we play guns, huh?

My husband, who can fake die like no other, held me long and hard and promised he would.


She She said...

Scary. I don't have to tell you this is one of my biggest fears.

Yay for Finn & t-ball! No judgement on the McDonald's after t-ball. It's late -- who wants to cook? We do the same thing.

Kelly said...

That is LOVE. All of that.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oh SH*T! I would have called the ambulance for me!

The Sour Kraut said...

It's amazing how many thoughts race through your head in a split second. I can imagine how scary that would've been.

carsick said...

Holy crap! I started to cry after reading this!
I don't ever judge on McDick's. Cheapest breakfast around and I'm the best mommy in the world.

Kim said...

Oh my. I was panicked for you.

Boys.... I will never understand them. But what would we do without them?

A Buns Life said...

Oy vey!! That's kind-of like the time when Jake and Dave were playing Star Wars on the Wii and Dave starting sweating profusely and having chest pains....we thought he might be having a heart attack. I was completely freaking out.....Long story short it was major motion sickness from the video game. It happened again later on, at the exact same spot they were playing that first time. I've forbidden him playing that part of the game ever again, just in case.

Cid said...

That was us this weekend. No matter what I was doing, Daddy was way more fun to help 'cause he's got power tools. I just had a rake and a wheelbarrow to clean up with after they made the mess. Such is life with boys. But I still love them.

FishermansDaughter said...

Love. Love. Love.
Bum bah bum
Love. Love. Love.
Bum bah bum
Love. Love. Love.
All you need is LOVE
Love. Love.
Love is all you need.

My one glass of wine then read your story inspired serenade.

PS Please send single man to my house to commence with the holding me asap