10 November 2008

Thanks for the Day Off...

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. To many, it's just another day off. For me? It's more. I've already got a lump in my throat. Tomorrow there will be parades and graveside ceremonies; Flags and Potluck dinners; Tears and hearty handshakes; A Haunting Taps played by a lone trumpet. I am truly awed by these events. I get chills as the marching band goes by followed by the wheel chair brigade of amputees. Though I am conflicted by war, I am humbled by the choice of these heroes to have put their lives on the line to defend our freedom. My freedom; My children’s freedom.

Who, in their right mind, would walk in to this knowingly? I don't know anyone who agress with this current war, however they still enlist. How, as a parent, can anyone allow their child to go off to war? I cannot imagine how my sister-in-law sleeps at night knowing her only son is in Iraq right now.

I will never understand, and I selfishly pray that my boys won't choose the military route, but I know someone's child must - or where would we be? I will forever hold these brave men and women with the utmost esteem. They have my undying gratitude for what they have given me and my family.

I salute you. Today, tomorrow and every day.


PicaboMama said...

I so agree with you. It turns my stomach to think that our soldiers are no longer guaranteed a college education or adequate health care. I'm totally anti-war, but I am pro-soldier.

noble pig said...

Yes, thank you veterans for your services.

K2 said...

I so relate to the contradiction between praying my children never "go to war" and being so grateful for the men and women who do.

I love the bumper sticker quote (attributed to Jimi Hendrix): When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. I pray for that day!