13 August 2008

Potato Chip Economics

I saw a news piece this morning on how the cost of groceries are skyrocketing.

Especially potato chips, of all things.

It seems the wacky summer weather combined with the cost of fuel has created a supply and demand issue which has forced manufacturers to raise their prices and even cut back production. The story interviewed shoppers who were somewhat distraught that they couldn't find their favorite brands of chips.

I found this somewhat disturbing. I mean, POTATO CHIPS? Come on. Now I love a good chip every now and then, but it wouldn't be devistating if I had to change brands or give them up all together. I'm not that loyal. (And I'm only Irish by marriage) When it comes right down to it though, it's these small things, especially in this troubled economy, that keep us comforted. That remind us we'll get through the tough times. That everything will be okay. Or maybe it's just at my house.

It'll be a sad, sad, really sad day when Daddy-O has to give up his hallowed Cumberland Farms potato chips.


Nora Bee said...

Of all the things...potato chips? Jeepers.

noble pig said...

The grocery store prices are out of control on lots of things. But now even chips. Bummer.

melissa said...

They were just saying on TV (which I NEVER WATCH) that the price of gas should be down more because oil is down and its the gas companies now that are putting the screws to us, not just the oil and government. Oh Happy Day!
What will I ever do if I can't get my Humpty Dumpty!?

Krysta said...

it's pretty sad when you won't be able to buy a bag of chips. what a sad state of affairs.