14 August 2008

My Funny Boy

Bii is so funny. Man, that kid says some hysterical things. But he hates it when I laugh at him. After the "triplets" incident the other day, I was laughing so hard I almost started crying. But when he crossed his arms and growled at me it brought me to an abrupt stop. He didn't realize he was being funny.

I tried to tell him what a wonderful thing it is to make someone laugh. I told him how good it made me feel to laugh. But he doesn't get it. Somehow, even though the kid loves to be the center of attention, he was embarrassed. He doesn't see the difference yet between laughing with and laughing at someone.

Looking inward, I tend to be an attention getter and to try to make people laugh. But I think it's a defense mechanism for me. I'm shy. I'm awkward. I'm not a good conversationalist. I don't think I'm all that interesting. But I hate awkward silence. So when I'm in a social situation I'm usually trying to be (and to a certain degree I think successfully being) funny. But I'm usually so nervous in these situations that I can feel my face flush.

I need to teach Bii to be confident. I need to teach him that it's okay to be funny. That laughter can be so very, very good.


noble pig said...

My kids get mad too when they think I'm laughing at them when they don't think they are being funy. I guess it's a hard lesson to learn and understand.

melissa said...

Your a great mom. I talk too much when I'm nervous. It's soooooooo bad. I'm nervous alot. My kids get upset if they think I'm laughing at them. (truly, it is hard when they give us such great material) When our oldest was 14 she put a sign on her door that say KNOCK FRIST. We still bring it up to this day. If she comes to our house we say just come on in, you don't have to knock frist. She probably has a few problems.
Sorry this is so long, I wonder if I'm nervous?