02 December 2008

Thanksgiving Redux

The thing that sucks about going away for Thanksgiving?

No leftovers.

Big suck-a-roonie. I miss me some leftovers.

So, thanks to the Post Holiday Wicked Good Sale, I got a 14 pound bird for mere pennies.

We'll be creating our own leftovers this weekend.

14 pound bird + two adults + two kiddos under 5 = Boat load of leftovers!!



Trisha said...

Left over turkey is the best! All of my left overs are gone now though! Oh well - it was good while it lasted!

She She said...

I'm on day 5 of leftover sweet potatos. Ugh.

Thanks for your comment about the poem "Plans". It speaks to me, too. (Mostly to the part of me that feels like I'm having a mid-life crisis.)

carsick said...

I love left overs. Any left overs. Yummy yummy yummy
Ours are gone now but were good while they lasted.r

Nora Bee said...

We did the same thing, except with a chicken. Yum!