08 December 2008

Gotta Change Things Up

We have to figure something out. This is getting O.L.D.

The boys look SO forward to family days (weekends). We do too. With one exception:

Bii and O wake up too bloody early.

I don't know how to adjust their internal clocks so they'll sleep later. Both of them woke before 5:30 on Saturday AND Sunday.

Then, this morning? I had to haul their lazy asses out of bed at 7:00!!!

What I would give to sleep until 7:00!!

I have tried everything I can think of: Put them to bed later. Put them to bed earlier. Teach them that they can't come out of their room before the clock says 6:XX. Turn on their music. Bribe them. If they wake up, there's no playing quietly in their room (note to self: look in to installing doors upstairs). If they're up, they're up and so is Mama or Daddy-O.

I'm tired. Anyone have any suggestions?


Kelly said...

I have had some success with the concept of SUN=MORNING. If there is no sun, it is not morning and therefore you need to go back to sleep. Of course, this may backfire when you need to get them up before first light during the week.

DysdHousewife said...

Bury them under the house. Other than that..I got nuthin. LOL

noble pig said...

Yep, no sun, no getting out of bed...roll over till it's over. That is just too early! But it too shall pass!

carsick said...

I gots nothin.
Dane wakes up every morning by 5am. Sometimes he'll lay back down til 5:45 but not often. When we tried to ignore him he would yell mooooom than switch to daaaaaaaaaaaad (a bunch of times) then switch to Chrissssssy and if that didn't work yell for mimi. We've even heard him yell for the dog.

She She said...

This happens to us, too. We end up taking turns getting up with the kids. I get up Saturday, and T. gets up Sunday.

Familia said...

When you get teh answer to this one, give me a call!

Nora Bee said...

I have nothing to add, just sympathy.