04 December 2008

The Secret Swing

We went to Grammy and Grandpa's new house for Thanksgiving. It's an old, incredibly beautiful home surrounded by trees on a rolling hill. It's still so new to G & G that they didn't know about the swing at the top of the hill. It took all of 6 seconds for the boys and their cousins to find it.

Aside from being away from their normal surroundings - which is always fun - and being with family, this was certainly what they were most thankful for this Thanksgiving.


carsick said...

What great pictures! I just love his face. Why can't everyday be this good?

DysdHousewife said...

Oh my gosh.....I am moving to your grandparents house.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Love that they found the swing. My hubby collects antique ray guns (ala Buck Rogers) and had them displayed on the wall of our den. Every single male type person (big or small) who came in our house noticed them IMMEDIATELY! I don't believe a female ever once mentioned them. Boys will be boys. (Jumped over here from Oh, The Joys - you commented on my guest blog - now I have my own!)