19 February 2009

Sunny Side Up

My mother was a Glass Half Full kind of person.

Despite some less than perfect hands she was dealt throughout her life, she always found the bright side of any given situation. I don't really know how she did it, but she always taught us to see the positive side of things too. She obviously did a good job as I've actually been accused of being too optimistic. I know that's kind of hard to believe after I've let my Dark Debbie side out a bit of late, but it's true - but I'm usually pretty stinkin cheerful.

And now the torch has been passed. I do believe the Positive Gene has been passed down yet again... Lately Finn has been telling stories of the harrowing events (at least to a 4 year old) that happen at Daycare: He kicked the ball and it hit her right in the face! Or, She didn't make it to the bathroom in time!... And as traumatic as these tales are he almost always goes on to say
But the good news is...

That's my boy! :)


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

Awww! What a cutie!

I think that's a healthier way to go through life than the alternative, honestly.

Every time we put Grasshopper in time out and he entertains himself by kicking his feet and singing to himself & JR wants to strangle him because, "Hello! It's punishment!" I remind him that the ability to make the best of things is a good quality to have. We may even appreciate it in our son in a few years...

She She said...

I love it! I'll have a little of what he's having.

carsick said...

What a great little guy.
Our oldest at home we call Rosey beacuse she see's things with "Rose colored glasses"
It is a great way for them to go through life.
Mine are pooped stained. (My glasses)

FishermansDaughter said...