20 February 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Everything is a little rosier these days at Chez Goose! The days are longer, Spring if officially less than a month away and I'm getting a bit of a bounce back in my step.

The most wonderful thing though? Owen wakes up singing.

We've been planning for Finn's birthday next week and obviously Owen has picked up on it.

This morning as I lay in bed waiting for the alarm to go off I heard him stirring. I couldn't make out what he was saying so I rolled over and turned up the monitor.

Like the Hoos down in Hoo-ville, it started as a whisper but the song got louder and louder as the sun came up:

hoppy buwpee to bii, Hoppy Buwpee to Bii, Hoppy Buwpee to Bii,

I have to figure out how to download video from our camera because this kid? Stinking Cute!

What a way to start the day.


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

That is *pure* adorable.

What a lovely way to start the day.

carsick said...

I love it! What a great way to wake up.
Birthdays are so exciting. I'm glad he's jumped on the birthday chain. I love Hoo's.

Kelly said...

Kid singing is such a happy sound.

Trisha said...

Fabulous! Kiddos are so wonderful!

FishermansDaughter said...

One of the best mommy joy jolts - guaranteed to chase the funk back to funky town.

Ms. Tee said...

There's *nothing* like waking to that sound - so sweet! My teenager still sings in the morning and it still makes me smile. :) I just saw your comment, & I cannot believe I didn't notice that was a little bitty heart on your finger. Someone else left a comment that she knew people who collected them, them actually made a path out of them. I'd love to do that! Hope you have a great Monday~

Rachel said...

I love overhearing what the little ones say/sing when they're all alone!

I hope Finn has a great birthday!