15 July 2008

She's With Me Now

Pop brought me a few random things when they came to visit:

  • A prayer book that belonged to my rather unreligious mother.

  • A hand tatted lace cloth.
  • Files of my educational experiences.

  • My mother's ashes.

    I'll put the book by my bed. Though I'm not very religious either I find it somewhat comforting.

    I wish I could ask Ma about the cloth. It's simple and beautiful, just like she was.

    I'm finding it very interesting to read what my teachers said about me in every class since Nursery School. I can't believe she kept all this. Ok, yes I can. Thank you Ma. I promise to do this for the boys too.

    I put her ashes in the liquor cabinet next to the bourbon she left last time she was here. I think she'd be happy there.

  • I know I'm happy she's here.


    noble pig said...

    Okay that was really sweet. Sorry about your Mom...I like the idea of having the ashes next to something she'd like.

    TattingChic said...

    Those sound like very sweet momentos. I'd love to see what the tatted lace looks like. Did your Mother tat?

    Mama Goose said...

    My mother did tat, though I'm not sure she did this one. I'll try to post a picture of it. It's quite sweet.
    Thanks for the comment. Your work is beautiful! I'd love to learn to tat but I'm afraid I just don't have the patience. :)