02 July 2008


I love my daycare, but I've been toying with the idea of sending Bii to a real preschool. He's such a smart kid and I've been afraid that he's getting bored and also needs a bit of reeling in as he's been on a "do what you like" schedule Daycamp. I want him to be challenged and to really be prepared for Kindergarten.

We've looked at several schools - most of them are designed for children of stay at home parents who have had little social interaction. They're only for a couple of hours a day - usually from 9:30 to 12:00. This doesn't work for working parents. I can't drop him off and pick him up and I can't afford to hire someone to taxi him there either. The other option is a full time preschool and I'm not excited about that either. These schools mimic a real Kindergarten class. It seems to me that he would be bored esentially repeating Kindergarten the following year.

So I've been torn. I want to give Bii the best chance to excel and to make new friends and be exposed to different people and environments, but none of our options seem like the right fit.

Imagine my joy when Jane told me that she's going to incorporate a curriculum at Daycamp!! She said she has enough older kids now that she thought it might be more fun for them if they were to follow a lesson plan! Perfect!!!

She won't start the real plan until fall, but she's started weekly themes to do all summer. Last week was "Animal Week". Both boys had a blast! They brought their stuffed animals for show and tell, went to a petting zoo, did amimal projects and learned all sorts of fun things. ("Mama, did you know elephants have 3 toes?!?") The theme week ended with face painting and tatoos. What fun.


A Buns Life said...

Too cute!! We recently enrolled our daughter in our school districts full day preschool and she is LOVING it. It is play based with mixed ages (3-5) and just after a month I can already see the difference in her attitude regarding going to school and what she has learned. The curriculum is age appropriate and prepares them for kindergarten,but is NOT like kindergarten at all, since kindergarten is pretty hard core now. I know, my son just finished it. I'm happy that it is going to work out for you!!

She She said...

What sweet little animals!