29 January 2009

My Big Boy

Owen is doing so well with the potty training - even with being sick this week. He doesn't even ask for help unless he needs a wipe. If he has an accident, he quietly takes off his pants, puts them in the laundry basket and puts on new "ungavare" himself. I'm so proud.

This morning, we were all going about our usual routine. Daddy-O happened upon O in the bathroom peeing all by himself.

"Wow Owen! Nice job! Raise your hand if you're a big boy."

Both Owen and Daddy-O raised their hands.

"I'm a big boy too!"

"No, Daddy! You a Daddy!"

It put a big smile on my otherwise grumpy face.


natasha the exile on Mom Street said...

For quite a while Grasshopper insisted that I was not a lady (he's sort of correct, really) because I was a Mommy.

Now he tells me I'm "Such a big girl!" when I pee on the potty.

But he still won't do it.


A Buns Life said...

That is SO awesome!!! Why are you grumpy?

Kelly said...

There's nothing like a little whiz to brighten your day!

carsick said...

Oh Happy Day!
Today Dane peed then pooped and peed again in his unnies.