27 October 2008

Come Back Snuggle Bear!!

I am so, so, so tired of politcal advertising that I actually miss the little fucker.

Oh wait. It's not really that bad. I can handle a few more days.


melissa said...

I think I just snorted a chocolate chip out my left nostral. Thanks for that?
I am sick of the adds to. My neighbors are McCain fans and someone keeps pulling out the signs in their yard and ripping them up. I can't even imagine. I try to keep watch cause I goota know which neighbors doing it. It's better than a tv show.

A Buns Life said...

OMG....you are sick AND wrong. Thanks for making me laugh. (a real one!)

Krysta said...

that bear is scary... hold on for a few more days and then the commericals will be back to sham wow and toy'r'us... just in time for the holidays and for your kids to constantly say i want this!