11 September 2008

The Art of Language

O is getting so much better with his vocabulary. There are a couple of things he says very well and he's even putting some pretty complex sentences together.
(Daddy nigh nigh me = I want Daddy to take me to bed.)

The only sound he hasn't been making is S, but I'm told it's the last to come. The language assessor told me not to worry if we couldn't really understand him all that well, that he'd get better in time. But it's incredibly frustrating for both of us when I can't tell what it is he wants.

The other morning I asked him what he wanted for breakfast.





No. Cank.




No Mama! Cank! Cank!

He pointed to the counter but all that was in view was a tomato, potato chips and bread. It appeared that none of these was what he was asking for.

Through very frustrated tears, he grabbed my hand and brought me to the refrigerator, opened the door and got the strawberry jam. Suddenly it made perfect sense; he wanted a Peanut Butter Sandwich!!

Yeah, yeah. I know. It should have been obvious.

Mama loves PB&J for breakfast too.


A Buns Life said...

It is a frustrating time....but you know it will get better....and then worse when they use their words against you and start reasoning with you! :)

melissa said...

Everyone goes through this. I heard a kid call a truck a fuck and used to have nightmares that my kids would do that. Of coarse fuck is my favorite word and if my kids used it I shouldn't be surprised.

She She said...

"Daddy nigh nigh me."

I would LOVE to hear this. Everytime T. tries to put Patrick to sleep, he says "Where my mommy? Where my mommy?"

Patrick was (is) a late talker, too.

noble pig said...

I love cank too.

Familia said...

The hardest part is watching them get so frustrated because we don't understand. My 22-month old is definitely a late talker. But he is very good at pointing!

Anonymous said...

My son has cank everyday for lunch. He also didn't talk much or at least anything we could understand until he was almost 4. Now he won't shut up! ha.

Enjoy the quiet cank days:-) Thanks for stopping by my site. Hope to see you there again.

Jenn said...

I'm holding tight to these days here with the vocabulary, because way too soon it goes away....way too soon and then becomes crystal clear exactly what they are saying. (Even though it's usually muttered under their breath, eyes rolling)

Nora Bee said...

We used to call grilled cheese sandwiches "cooked cheese yamps".