15 May 2008


These two. Man. I'm often at a loss for words. They love eachother like nothing I've ever seen.

As much as I won't admit that I secretly wished for two boys (OK, I did), I am so incredibly thankful that they have eachother. I hope this bond they have only gets stronger. Though my sister and I live many miles away and often don't talk to eachother for weeks at a time, she is my strength. She understands my soul. I know she'd drop everything and come to me if I needed her. There's so much that we don't need to say. We just understand.

I pray these two beautiful creatures have the same kind of love for eachother always.

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She She said...

When I imagined having more than one kid, for some reason I never imagined that the kids would have a relationship with each other, too. (Because, you know, the world revolves around ME.) I love to watch these relationships grow.