30 May 2008

13 (!?!) Things About ME???

Oh dear. The wonderful sheshe tagged me and I'm frightened beyond words. I've never done this before. (Sorry it took so long!!) Should prove to be pretty boring... Sorry.

1.) I grew up in a tiny town (Pop. 400) in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

2.) There wasn't much "fun" for kids to do so we started experimenting with booze and drugs at an early age. Thankfully, I got a lot of that out of my system early. I'm still amazed that I didn't kill or injur myself.

3.) My parents sent me away to boarding school. Because it was the late 70's I think many of my teachers were more interested in smoking pot than my education. I really don't think I was well prepared for college.

4.) I wasn't ready for college at 18. Because it was the early 80's I think many of my professors were more interested in snorting cocaine than my education. I really don't think I was well prepared for a career. I studied architectural preservation. I work in Information Technology. Go figure.

5.) I was extremely fortunate to be able to travel around South East Asia for several months after college. It was a life altering trip and I am sad that I will probably never have an opportunity like that again.

6.) I love to people watch.

7.) I hate to be late and think people who make me wait are horrifically inconsiderate.

8.) There isn't a vegatable I don't like. Spinach was the number one request when we were growing up.

9.) My kids hate vegatables.

10.) My first born son arrived when I was 40 - my second son came at 42.

11.) My mother never got to meet my second son. She died of cancer at 69. I miss her so much it's painful.

12.) I started writing to try to deal with my grief after my mother passed away. It doesn't really work for me. Somehow it just makes me sadder. Kind of like picking a scab. WTF? Isn't writing supposed to be cathartic?

13.) I'm a scab picker.

See? I told you it would be boring.

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She She said...

Those are great!

I think our upbringings were pretty similar. What is it about growing up in a small town in the Adirondacks? The devil makes work for idle hands and all that.

Also, if I think I'm going to be late, I have a mini-anxiety attack. I HATE to be late. Except for work. Funny how I don't seem to care about being late for work.