16 June 2011

Never Too Sleepy for Sports

We've been battling with night time potty training for some time now. It's really become an onus for me, because I'm the one who has to wake Bii up and drag his fanny in to our bathroom a couple of times a night. Like his Daddy-O, he's an incredibly sound sleeper and he just can't wake himself up when he needs to "go". Our pediatrician assures us this is normal and tells us not to worry; he'll out grow it in time. (Daddy-O had issues until he was 10 or so... sigh)

The trips to the bathroom are particularly funny though. He is most asleep on our first trip somewhere around 10:00 pm. He trips and stumbles as I waddle behind him, holding him up and steering him away from the trash can and to the actual potty. Occasionally, while sound asleep, he'll catch an invisible pop-fly and throw the ball to first to complete the double play. Sometimes he'll talk to me: "Did you see my touchdown pass Mama?"

I was watching the Stanley Cup Final in our bedroom last night before bed. When I got up and hauled his sleepy butt in to our room, he walked past the television and without skipping a beat said, "Hey look Mama! The Bruins are up 3 to nothing!"

The kid eats, sleeps and pees sports.