21 June 2010

Another Day In Paradise

God, we're lucky to live in Maine. And even luckier to have a boat!

We didn't get stranded at the Fort this time. DaddyO dropped us at the beach and the boys and I explored while DaddyO tried, but didn't catch fish. He did pick some lovely fresh mussels which we brought home and steamed. Yum. It was a perfect summer day and it wasn't even officially summer yet.

Bii starts round one of summer camps today, the official start of summer. Happy Solstice!!

15 June 2010


Kindergarten graduate? Say it ain't so Baby.

Congratulations Big Guy. We're so proud of you!

09 June 2010

Awesome Romance

This totally makes me smile...

And this song has been stuck in my head for weeks now... and it's SO awesome!!!!

02 June 2010


I've been caught up in too many thoughts lately. Too much going on. Too much stress. Too much negative crap clouding my way...

Driving home from work yesterday (in the million dollar car...) I found myself lost in thought again. It was a very strange afternoon: Dark rain clouds combined with the ever present Quebecois fire smog created a surreality I only wish I could paint. My mind wandered as I entered a hazy section of the road.

As I came through it, a cool breeze blew through my open window clearing the fog in the air and my head. I gripped the wheel and for a moment found myself transported to Route 73 North on the approach to my home town. The roads were wet from a sudden downpour and I swerved to avoid the frogs that were ever present in the road after a storm. A simpler time. A beautiful place. A ride home to sit on the porch and talk with my mother and watch the clouds lift up over the mountains.

And as fast as it came, it was gone. I wasn't in New York. I was on my way back to reality. But that short trip soothed my soul and gave me strength to move forward again.