30 June 2009

He Was. Really.

"Mama, I was born to eat this!"

26 June 2009

Please Don't Ask How My Children Are

I swear I'm never talking about my children at work again.

Yesterday, a cow-orker asked how the boys were (they were fine).

This morning? Finn is throwing up.

EVERY time someone asks, one of them comes down with something.

I'm praying Owen is spared this time around.

24 June 2009

Facebook Flashback

Facebook is freaking me out. Seriously.

In the last 6 months I have gotten back in touch with so many people I thought I would never talk to again.

Most of it is really good. Freaky but good.

So many things I thought (hoped?) I'd forgotten have come full circle. It's strange to reminisce with these people who, now, are essentially strangers.

And today? An old high school flame appears.

What's freakier? He works less than a mile away from me. (I guess that may not seem strange to some, but we went to school in Massachusetts and now live in Maine. Tinytown USA)

We're having lunch on Friday. Weird.

23 June 2009

Signs Your Children Are Watching Too Much TV

"Mama! You know what you need? OxiClean!"


"Mama! When can we go to Atlantis?"

"No really? When can we go?"

Yep. That's what advertising is all about.

22 June 2009

7 Years

Thank you for making me the happiest woman on earth.
Happy Anniversary my love.

03 June 2009


Work is getting in the way of my free time. Having too much work is a good thing, no? But my brain is mush. I haven't had time to visit all my bloggy friends and I miss you all. I hope to see you all again very soon. Until then, be well.