06 August 2010

Morning Ritual

We've had a morning routine going for a couple of years now.

We get ready to go, brush up, hugs and kisses all around. The boys strap in to the car and roll the windows down. Daddy-O stands on the front stoop and waves good-bye.

From the back seat they call...

Olii: "Daddy, there's a skunk on your head!!"

Daddy-O feigns shock and horror, hands on head, shaking about...

Bii: "Dad! There's an alligator in your pants!!"

Daddy-O does a frightened, over the top dance trying to find said alligator...

Sometimes multiple rounds ensue until we drive off. Big grins all around.

A similar chorus began as we pulled out the driveway this morning, but ended with an extra bonus:

Bii: "That never gets old"

You're right Goose, it doesn't.

03 August 2010

More Outta the Mouths of Babes...

"Mama, how many more goodness does it take to earn those Zhu-Zhu pets?"

02 August 2010

His Idea of Heaven

At the grocery store together, Bii noticed I was buying two different kinds of potatoes. Curious, he asked why. I told him one was a white potato that I would use for a salad and the other was a baking potato.

"Oh Man!! A BACON potato!?!"