26 February 2010


How does this keep happening? You're another year older. Another inch taller and another mile deeper in my heart. (Is that even possible?)

You love it when I tell you stories of how you came racing in to this world, so full of excitement and happiness. I swear you were smiling from the moment you took your first breath.

You wake each day raring to go! "Let's get this party started!" seems to be your motto.

I looked at you this morning, like I do most mornings, and tried to understand where the time has gone. Where has my precious baby gone?

As new parents, we are warned that time will go by faster than you could ever imagine. As cliche as it sounds, it's true. Too true...

While waiting for the bus today, I asked you not to wish for time to pass too quickly. You promised.

Though I know you will wish some of it to speed up, as we all do at times, I hope that you will savor your youth and suck as much juice from it as you can.

I know you will. You can't help it. It's in your DNA. It's how you roll. You're a juice on the chin kind of kid. And that makes me the happiest Mama on the face of the earth. Happy Birthday Goose! I love you. More than cheese.

18 February 2010

One Cutie Deserves Another

Last week O said he wanted to dress like DaddyO on casual Friday. So he pulled out his "handsome" shirt and blue jeans:

Be still my heart.

17 February 2010

If I have a blog, but don't post, does it still exist?

In other events, the Tooth Fairy has now visited us. Twice. Of course, being the half-assed mother that I am, I only have a picture of the first tooth:

07 February 2010

Nothing Says Love...

...Like homemade bread. Mmmmmm.