30 September 2009


$40 dollars for a Halloween costume?

And a Woopie Cushion no less

It has gotten out of control...

Though this one is pretty freakin' awesome!

But I mean seriously??... $85 dollars for a Teddy Roosevelt costume?

I have to say I'm pretty partial to the home made variety:

Finn - aka Bob the Builder 2007

This costume was very simple and fun to make - despite the fact that I stayed up past midnight coloring in the white checks on the shirt. ("Mama, Bob's shirt isn't red and white!! It's red and orange!!!" He cried at 7 pm the night before Halloween..)

October brings a lot of excitement for my kids. The planning has begun. Now I just have to figure out how to do this...

Avatar Aang. the Last Airbender

I've got 30 days...
Wish me luck.

29 September 2009

More Proof Mama Needs to Censor Herself

Overheard from the kitchen yesterday when I thought the boys were nicely playing trucks together...

O: "No, Bii! That MY fruck! Give back MY fruck!!"

F: "Oh for the love of God brother. Just chill!"

Mama: "Now where on earth would he pick that up?"

Oops... Bad Mama.

23 September 2009


Perfect representation for how I'm feeling...

09 September 2009

If You're Happy and You Know it...

I'm down, but not out. I've had to remind myself lately how truly blessed I am.

With these two at the helm it's really not that difficult to remember...

More soon.