26 June 2008

Summer Breeze

Last night was one of those glorious summer evenings: Hot and humid but with just enough of a breeze to keep you completely comfortable. I sipped a glass of wine on the deck, silently lamenting that June is almost gone - again. It was hard to go inside - especially knowing the next week or more proves to be "unsettled" as they say.

I love a good summer storm though. I miss watching the incredible weather roll across Lake Champlain from the deck of my apartment on College Street in Burlington. I loved to sit out there and feel the breeze suddenly kick up and grab your attention. Something big was going to happen. Then, almost in slow motion, the clouds would sweep in and hug you with their cool, clammy embrace. Pow! The rain dropped like cement from the sky, powerwashing the heat and humidity away. It was gone as quickly as it came, but left me full of energy.

Storms here aren't nearly as interesting though occaisionally we're blessed with a stunning rainbow after a gentle rain.


She She said...

I work on Lake Street in Burlington and I love to watch the storms roll across from the Adirondacks. Sunsets over the mountains are pretty sweet, too.

Right now I can't see the Adirondacks at all -- they're completely fogged in.

I'll try to post a picture on my blog sometime soon for you.

Mama Goose said...

Ahhh, the sunsets are the best. I loved to blow a kiss goodnight to my mother in the 'Daks.